All the rates are calculated with credits (1 credit = 4,14 euros eVAT or 5 euros iVAT). The different possibilities of combinations are undefined and to be chosen by the client.
All the rates are VAT included and have a one-year validity.
The credits can not be reimbursed.


Our products

  • A two-month advert = 135 credits
  • Extension of the advert for a month = 50 credits
  • refresh = 15 credits
  • topspot (in the first three) = 60 credits
  • highlight (in a different color) = 30 credits
  • Hosting of a 'recruiter' profile = 125 credits
  • Access to the profile viewer is open for free to all 'recruiters' and does not contain any data which will allow to identify the candidate (no firstname, name, address, email address, phone number, name of current employer, photos and videos)
  • Access to the complete profile of the candidate (personal data of the candidate to be able to contact him) = 15 credits/candicat or CV
  • Advertising bannering : price on demand 

More info

For more information, you can contact 02/ 785.07.20 or via mail