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Downloading takes place entirely at your own risk. JobHealth cannot be held liable for any prejudice arising as a result of downloading, installing, storing or making use of our website content, including in instances of viruses.



The data content, which is in part automated and published on behalf of third parties (clients, candidates) is not examined for its full compliance with the law. Furthermore, the content does not represent our own opinion. However, JobHealth undertakes to examine any potentially illegal content, and if necessary to withdraw it.


Listings and candidatures

We ask that you carefully read the Statement on the Protection of Privacy which is circulated through the website. Once personal information about you is passed to a third party, JobHealth is absolved, fully and definitively, and with no facility of recourse, from all liability for improper use of the data by any third party.

We advise you to verify identities of all third parties to whom you send your personal data. For example, never send personal data to a private e-mail address. We recommend that you do not disclose certain sensitive data to third parties without first being sure of their ethical values and their bona fide use of this data. This is entirely your responsibility.


Links to other websites

If you follow a link, thereby leaving our website, the content of that website is entirely beyond our control or influence. We cannot accept any responsibility in this respect. In cases of illegal content brought to our attention, we shall, if necessary, deactivate the link after having conducted an investigation.

Please note that the conditions of use and statements relating to the protection of privacy at third-parties’ websites to which a link has been created may differ from our own website’s Conditions of Use and Statement on the Protection of Privacy. It is your responsibility to comply with them.


Attachments, Content

Please ensure that you do not send attachments that contain viruses. Personal details supplied to JobHealth are not to contain the following items:

  • Information on your state of health (illness, pregnancy, etc);
  • Information concerning your ethnic origins, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, sexual orientation;
  • Information that is of no relevance to the job profile.

You are responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of information you send. It may not be contrary to applicable legislation or regulations, nor be in violation of public-order measures (‘Illegal Content’); this means, for example, that it is forbidden to create a CV for a third-party person except with their express consent, or for a fictitious person. All photos provided must be recent, and must show the face of the actual candidate. You are also responsible for keeping your data up-to-date and, in particular, your e-mail address. The fact of placing data on our website automatically commits you to compensate us for the consequences of any complaint made against us as a result of failure to comply with the above clauses.


Rights reserved by JobHealth

JobHealth cannot give any guarantee that services offered will be available at any given time. It is not possible to exclude the possibility of disruptions, faults or breakdowns in online service. No compensation claims will be entertained, irrespective of the causes or circumstances.

While the content is automatically backed up regularly, we recommend that you keep back-up copies of your data.

JobHealth reserves the right to revise, extend, restrict or delete services or data without prior notice, without this fact nonetheless giving you any entitlement to demand their publication.



Use of the Internet is at your own risk.

The Statement on Protection of Privacy is applicable in the same way as these Conditions of Use. We reserve the right to revise these Conditions of Use at any time, without any requirement to notify you beforehand. Any nullity or deficiency in one or other provision of these Conditions of Use shall not compromise the validity of the conditions as a whole.



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